How can Okfit help you

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  1. Easy management

    Okfit provides a complete solution for managing the day-to-day activities at your gym. Things like tracking enquiries, onboarding new members, assigning plans and diets are super easy with our modern UI.

  2. Accept payments online

    Okfit provides an online payment facility to your gym members. You can easily send a payment link to a member which can be used to make a payment online. Member can use any card, netbanking, wallets or UPI. These payments are automatically tracked by us and we update you when a payment is made.

  3. Access control

    Okfit provides a RFID based access control feature. Allow/disallow members based on their membership and payment status.

  4. Trends and insights

    Okfit's advance intelligence will automatically analyze your data to churn out trends and insights valuable for your business. You can view and easily use this information to find weak links in and move towards building a strong, sustainable business.

Frequently asked questions

You can always reach us for more information.

Management booster

Management booster can help in managing day-to-day activities in your gym. It helps you shift your focus to what is really important for expanding your business.

This booster keeps track of all your memberships in the gym. It gives you detailed information and history about any member. It reminds you of membership renewals and non-payments. It can also send out automated birthday greetings to your members.

Yes. Your trainers have access to the system to run your business. You decide what the trainer can and cannot see. You can assign the basic member management tasks to your trainer and keep the revenue related data hidden.

Using management booster, you can say goodbye to paper! There will be no need for you to print workout cards or keep an attendance register. Shapeshift can take care of all that. Plus, it also helps the environment.

Member booster

Member booster is a pioneering solution to increase member engagement for your gym. Keep your members interested in fitness and your gym by running your own exclusive community.

Member booster provides an exclusive community for you to run. You, as a gym owner, can run this community as you see fit. Some features of the community are

  • Share articles, links, photos, videos or just a message for your members.
  • Run exclusive offers for your members.
  • Members can login and see their progress at the gym through beautiful charts.
  • Members can share their progress on social media. This is a direct advertisement for your gym.
  • Members can earn points for activity on the community. You decide what these points mean.

You are the moderator for your community. All posts made will have to go through your approval. This way you can keep the community friendly, interesting and clean.

We believe in providing path-breaking solutions to help you stay ahead in your business. With that said, we are always working hard to come up with new ideas to help you grow. Same goes for the member booster. You can get involved by providing feedback and ideas that you may have. We will try our best to make them part of the product.

Attendance booster

The attendance booster makes it super easy for you to record and manage your attendance. We provide RFID based attendance machines for you to install in your gym. We also provide you small cards for your members which they can use to mark their attendance. Dont' worry, these cards are small enough to attach to a key ring. Makes it very easy for your members to carry them.

The attendance booster maintains records of the comings and goings of your gym members and trainers. It provides you with a easily searchable data so that you can make decisions as required.

Attendance booster makes it very easy to run analysis on your attendance records. One of the many uses can be to identify members who are not regular and give them offers or incentives to come to the gym. You can always use the Member booster to send out offers.

Yes, attendance booster can record your trainers too.

Analytics booster

Analytics booster can provide you vital information about your business. Your data is passed through our algorithms to provide important clues as to how your business is running.

The analytics booster can give you information that will be useful for you to grow your business. It can show you detailed split of your income and expenses. It also analyzes your memberships and tells you which membership is doing well and which is not. Based on all this information you can take necessary corrective steps.

Only you, the gym owner, have access to this information.