Finding the right software for gym management in 2022


Finding The Right Software For Gym Management In 2022

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W ith each passing year, the level of digitalisation is increasing. Gone are the days when records were hand-written on paper. Even Excel sheets are outdated now. With so much on their hand, gym owners need a reliable gym management software to manage members, payments and renewals. But if you are just starting out, selecting a right software seems all the more difficult. Here we list out the 8 key features a gym owner should look for while reviewing gym management softwares.

8 key features of a gym management software
  1. Cloud-based
    Cloud softwares run on remote servers instead of local machines. In simple terms, they require internet to work. The biggest advantage of a cloud-based online gym management software is it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Since, no data is stored on local machine, there is no fear of data being lost by local machine failure. It’s time fitness business owners utilise the advantage of cloud softwares and move to cloud-based online gym management system. A cloud software also opens up the possibility of having a mobile app for your gym members and gym staff.

  2. Easy to learn & use
    One major factor to consider while purchasing a gym software is the learning curve. An ideal gym management software should have a shallow learning curve, meaning learning it should be nice, quick and easy process. There will be multiple staff accessing the software and not everyone will be tech-savvy. For some, it may be their first experience of using a software. In such case, the gym software should be easy to learn, navigate and understand.

  3. End-user centric
    There will be multiple staff accessing the software and not everyone will be tech-savvy. For some, it may be their first experience of using a gym software. In such case, the end-user should be able to navigate and understand the software easily. Having a gym software, decreases the work-load and helps you automate certain tasks. It considerably reduces the paper-work time required for jotting down enquiry inforation and fillng out new member details. Imagine having an continuous footfall of enquiries and members and the front-desk receptionist fumbling with papers, noting down information, checking membership validities etc. With features like QR codes, enquiries can be directed to a QR code which they can scan from their phone and fill in their details. In short, the most often used features should be easily accessible in the gym software.

  4. Role-based login
    Apart from the owner, the software should have access for staff and admins at the fitness studio. Now, not all data is required to be shown to all users. So the software should allow creating multiple users and feature visibility is defined by the role they login. This gives the owner peace of mind that their confidential financial data is safe and accessible only to the top management.

  5. Reports at glance
    Clive Humby coined the phrase: “Data is the new oil” and just like oil before, data is shaping the new world. An ideal gym management software generates reports from the data entered and provides meaningful insights to the fitness studio owner. This in-turn helps the owner decide the future course of action and campaigns for business growth. It is noteworthy that the reports should be readable and easy-to-understand.

  6. Online payments
    Gen Z has fully embraced digital payments. To take advantage of their habit find a software with online payments feature. This will allow your members to make online payments and thereby reducing the friction time for membership renewal.

  7. Mobile apps for members and staff
    Offering a mobile app for the members increases member engagement. It gives the member a feeling of being in constant touch with their gym and fitness goals. While on-the-go they can access thier diet charts and make the correct food choices. The fitness studio can also share important notice and greetings on the app by sending a push notification. Thereby adding one more channel of communication with the member.

  8. Customer support
    As you would already be aware that purchasing a gym managment software is a long-term investment. It is not feasible to keep changing it every few months or even for years. Hence, it is important to make sure the customer support is easily available. The software should be backed by a reliable team for you to enjoy hassle-free services.

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