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Capture more leads, and easily reach out to enquiries and existing members at your fitness studio.

Reach out to all your leads in bulk via SMS, email and push notifications with your marketing templates. Categorize leads into hot, warm and cold and schedule followups and convert them to members with just a click.

  1. Inbound Lead Capture

    Increase your staff productivity by capturing all inbound leads in one place automatically.

  2. Automated Messaging

    Personalize your members fitness jouney with automated messaging and push notifications.

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Inbound Lead Capture

Capture leads that initiate contact with you from your website, social media pages or Whatsapp groups directly into your Okfit account. Easily categorize them and set up followups. Your daily followups are shown exactly where it meets the eye so you never miss them.

  • Categorize leads into hot, warm or cold
  • Schedule followups
  • Track lead journey
Enquiry Form Inside A Gym Management System

Capture leads from your website directly to your Okfit account via our fast and secure APIs. Complete the simple integration and get all your website leads in Okfit.

Via Links

Share your unique lead capturing link within your social media or Whatsapp groups. Get notified when an inbound lead is received.

Via QR Code

Free up your front-desk staff time by using QR codes to capture leads information. Paste the code at the reception desk so the incoming leads can simply scan and drop their enquiry.

Automated Messaging

Make your members feel a part of your community with automated messaging. Welcome and greet new members and enquiries and gently prompt existing members for renewals and payment dues with out automated messaging feature.

Messages are sent via

  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Push notifications

Anniversary Wishes Via Automatic Push Notification From A Gym Management System

We track your upcoming membership renewals and payment dues and send your members a reminder at the right time. Thus ensuring timely renewals and recovery of payment dues at your fitness studio.


We send personalized grettings to your members on their birthdays, anniversaries and joining anniversaries to your members and make sure they feel a part of your fitness community.

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