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Take action to retain your members before its too late with the help of our easy-to-understand report tables.

Gain insights into member happiness with daily feedback collected from the member mobile app. Understand the general sentiment of your members and focus on areas where your services do not meet their expectations. Make your members feel a part of your community with automated birthday greetings and anniversary wishes.

  1. Report Tables

    Gain critical insights from the variety of report tables that are filterable, searchable and exportable.

  2. Collect Feedback

    Collect daily feedbacks from members from their mobile app to review areas you need to focus on more

  3. Automated Messaging

    Personalize your members fitness jouney with automated messaging and push notifications.

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Report Tables

Keep yourself updated with member activity and financial health of your fitness studio. Start a conversation with your members directly from the report table with just a button click.

These tables reflect the overall health of your business. Regular analysis of your report tables helps you in reducing the member churn, increasing member retention and plugging money leaks.

With these report tables you can track your upcoming renewals, member at-risk, ongoing memberships and even members lost.

Report Tables Inside Okfit Gym Management Software

All report tables have a date filter to allow you to analyse your data for a specific date range. With just a click, change the date range to yesterday, last week, last month or even last year.


The report tables are searchable to help you quickly search for any particular member or enquiry. Easily search for all your Hot enquiries and send them your latest offer.


The data on all your report tables is exportable. With just a click, you can download your data in your favourite .xlsx format and share it with your team.

Collect Feedback

Collecting feedbacks is a great way to show your gym members that you care. Daily feedback helps you understand the general sentiment of your members towards the services you offer.

Even with the best location and best equipments installed, member retention is only possible if your members are happy.

Okfit has an in-built rate-your-gym feature which your members can use. The ratings are on parameters like safety, trainers, hygiene, etc. You, as an owner, get a quick idea which areas to focus on directly from your dashboard. The members can also update their rating from the app.

Member Feedback In Okfit Gym Management Software
Daily Feedback

Members can leave an optional feedback after their daily workout. Their sentiments are conveyed with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Rate Your Gym

Members can rate your fitness studio based on their experience. The ratings are private and shared only with the admins.

Automated Messaging

Never worry about missing to wish your member on their birthday or anniversary with our in-built automated messaging service.

What's more? Make your members feel a part of your community with personalised automated birthday greetings and anniversary wishes.

Automated messaging also ensures timely renewals and payments, as we gently prompt members on their renewals and payment dues via email, sms and push notification.

Anniversary Wishes Via Automatic Push Notification From Okfit Gym Management System

We track your upcoming membership renewals and payment dues and send your members a reminder at the right time. Thus ensuring timely renewals and recovery of payment dues at your fitness studio.


We send personalized grettings to your members on their birthdays, anniversaries and joining anniversaries to your members and make sure they feel a part of your fitness community.

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