Member Engagement Tools

Member Engagement Software

Engagement tools to make your members feel a part of your community and indirectly increase member retention.

Make the most of our modern yet easy-to-use features to increase member enagement and retain them in the long run.

  1. Reward Points

    Instill a healthy competition amongst your members by rewarding them with points for their achievements. Make them feel you are with them on their fitness journey.

  2. Challenges

    Make your members feel a part of your community by assigning them fun attendance challenges. Give them the much needed push at the start of their fitness journey.

  3. Smartscale Integration

    Show your members thier progress through readings from a smartscale. Track their progress with real numbers and make the necessary changes in their workout / diet plans.

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Reward Points

Motivate members by rewarding them with points and allow them to later redeem the points in exchange of some merchandise, personalised workout plan or a personal training session.

Assign points for actions like Membership renewal, Payments, Birthdays, Check-ins or reward them for regularity, performance or referring a new member.

Reward Points Feature To Increase Member Engagement In Okfit Gym Management Software

Get to know member ranking based on points in the dedicated Leaderboard. Come up with exciting offers based on average points earned by members.

Track Points

Members can track their points balance along with the points transactions directly in the mobile app. Members are notified every time they earn or redeem points.

Redeem Points

Let members redeem their points in exchange of a merchandise, personalised workout plan or a personal training session. Encourage them to be more regular to earn more points.

Assign Challenges

Create fun attendance challenges and assign them to your members to make them more regular at the gym. These challenges are automatically tracked by their attendance. Know their challenge progress and reward members who successfully complete the challenge.

Challenges could be of any duration - weekly, monthly or even quarterly. Decide on the number of days they need to check-in to win the challenge. For every challenge progress, the members are notified via email. The members can also view their progress in the member mobile app.

In-built Challenge Scheduler In Okfit Gym Software
Increase Footfalls

Challeges indirectly help you increase footfalls at your fitness studio. It indirectly motivates the members to be more regular when they are just starting their fitness journey.

Track Progress

Hold members accountable for their fitness journey by tracking their challenge progress. At the end of the challenge, you can reward members who successfully complete the assigned challenge.

Smartscale Integration

Show your members their fitness journey progress in numbers! Okfit is integrated with a smartscale that measures 24 body compositions in under 15 seconds.

The data from the scale is shown in the member app as well as the web portal for trainer's reference. It can measure parameters like

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Water Percentage
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Metabolic Age

Actofit Smartsclale Integration In Okfit Gym Software
Track Progress

Old measurements are not overwritten so members can view their progress in form of graphs. The readings and progess are shown in the member mobile app.

Share Readings

The measurements are show to the members in the member mobile app and the trainers can view them on the web-portal. The measurements can also be emailed to the member.

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