Guidelines for Yoga beginners

Guidelines for Yoga beginners

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B efore you start you need to get the right information about Yoga. With incorrect information, you can put yourself and your family in trouble. Try learning and knowing as much as you can. The right information of Yoga can reward you with good health.

Where do I start?
Collect information from people related to yoga. Join them, and follow their advice. There are many good books in the market which can help you gain good insight into this topic like:

  1. Sampooran Yoga Vidhya by Rajeev Jain (Best for beginners)
  2. Yoga Mala by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
  3. Light On Yoga by BKS Iyengar

It is very important to be disciplined while starting anything new in life. Without discipline nothing can be achieved in life.

Listening to your inner voice is important. That is why Yoga has been linked to spirituality. It provides both mental as well as physical strength. We need to take out few moments from our routine for our health. There are four pillars of Yoga through which you can find anything in life.

  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Devotion

Sukshma Vyaayaam (subtle exercise)
Start with a not-so-difficult normal posture. The beginning of Yoga is done from here and is called the subtle exercise.
The subtle exercise is one of the pleasures (subtle Yoga) techniques. The distinguishing quality of these formulations for relaxation techniques is that they are simple, short, and subtle. It's one of the fastest ways to relax yourself, you can do it anytime and anywhere - sitting at home, at your workstation or while traveling in the sum of the car, bus or plane.

Guidance of a teacher
Never practice Yoga without your Yoga instructor. Follow what your teacher says. If you try Yoga without a teacher, you'll try to move forward faster, which can lead to injury. Therefore, always do asanas under the guidance of your Yoga teacher.

Food & Beverage
Diet also plays an important part while practising Yoga. In today's times, We are blindly copying the western eating habits and not much importance is given to our health. We eat oily dishes, pizzas, burgers which are hard to digest. This is the root of our diseases and thus we should stop it immediately. We should pay more attention to our Indian food and civilization. Eat light and nutritious food and drink as much water as possible.

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