How to find the perfect workout music playlist for your gym?

How To Find The Perfect Workout Music Playlist For Your Gym?

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M usic and workout go hand-in-hand. Listening to music during workouts helps your members push their bodies to the limit. Research shows, music can help people do more within a workout. And an intense workout can leave your members coming back for more. It also distracts your members from the strain of exercise and improves their mood during a workout.

Another advantage of playing music at your gym is that it masks other noise occuring at the gym. Imagine walking into a gym with no music and hearing sounds of grunting, flexing, weights falling on the floor and people panting.

What type of music should you play at your gym?

Gym music is not meant to be liked by all members. Rather, the music at the gym should instil a feeling of confidence and a can-do attitude in the members. To achieve this, ensuring the right tempo is important. Playing music that is speedy seems like a very efficient way to ensure that your members get the sweaty workouts they want. Hence, EDM and POP dominate the music genres played at a fitness studio.

Tempo of a song is indicated by a numerical value called beats per minute or BPM. The playlist should be prepared depending upon the type of activity at your fitness studio. A general tempo guideline is as below:

  • Yoga & Pilates: 60-90 BPM

  • Power Yoga: 100 - 140 BPM

  • Cardio: 130 - 150 BPM

  • Weightlifting and powerlifting: 130 to 150 BPM

  • CrossFit, indoor cycling or HIIT: 140 to 180 BPM

Warmups and cooldows should have a tempo of 100-140 BPM and 60-90 BPM respectively.

Music you should avoid playing at your gym

There are a certain genre of music that should never be played at a fitness studio like classical music, folk music and nature sounds.

Where to get workout music playlist online?

There are a ton of music streaming apps in India. Most of the streaming apps have a free version with ads and a paid ad free subscription. For a fitness studio, it makes sense to get a paid subscription as listening to ads during an intense workout session is sure to annoy the member.

Here we list out subscription prices of few music streaming apps:

  1. YouTube Music Premium Rs 99/mo

  2. Gaana Plus Rs 99/mo

  3. JioSaavn Pro Rs 99/mo

  4. Apple Music Rs 99/mo

  5. Spotify Rs 119/mo

Get custom playlist from a professional DJ
Having these subscription does not gurantee great music for your members. The front desk may fail to play the right music because of lack of tempo knowledge. To overcome this, you can get a playlist prepared from a team of professional DJ’s. This will free-up the front desk staff and allow them to concentrate on their daily-task of managing accounts and renewals.

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