How to handle member feedback?

How To Handle Member Feedback

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F eedbacks are a great tool to assess your progress in this fitness service industry. The success of your business depends on the satisfaction level of your current members. You may have the best location with the best equipments installed, but member retention is only possible if your members are happy.

Feedbacks can be obtained in a variety of ways like using

  • Google reviews
    Asking for reviews is a give and take relation. It’s a normal human tendency to jump into writing a review if the service is bad. But when it’s good, very rarely someone takes out time to write a review. To overcome this, you can reward your member with points when they submit you a review on Google. This can be easily done using the Rewards feature in Okfit.

    Ratings on Google can also help you get on the top in Google Search engine.

  • Survey forms
    Create survey forms with Google forms or Survey Monkey. Ask questions that can be easily answered in under a minute. People tend to avoid filling out lengthy forms. To get a better response, keep the questions simple with multiple choice or yes/no answers.

  • In-person
    Interact with your members once a while and casually take a feedback. Make a mental note of this conversation to reflect upon it later.

    Your trainers can kick-in a conversation during the member's cool-down time after the exercise. To offer a unique exeperience, provide them with a fragrant face towels to cool-down.

  • Feedback through app
    Okfit has an in-built rate-your-gym feature which your members can use. The ratings are on parameters like safety, trainers, hygiene, etc. You, as an owner, get a quick idea which areas to focus on directly from your dashboard. The members can also update their rating from the app.

Positive feedbacks boost our confidence and indicate we are heading in the right direction. But there may be times, when we have to deal with negative feedbacks. It is very important to have a correct approach when dealing with negative feedbacks.

How to handle negative feedbacks?

  • Understand your member. Listen to their complaint with all ears. Keep yourself calm and composed while listening to your members. Never respond aggressively or in a fit of rage.

  • Assess the shortcomings. Try finding out the root cause of the problem. It can be pysical shortcomings like lack of equipments and machines, irregular or incompetent trainers, hygiene or ambience.

  • Keep a record. Assign tasks to your team to improve. Regularly followup with your staff to take action for incompetence and reward for performance.

  • Resovle the issue. Make sure the issues and complaints are worked upon in a set time frame. Once resolved, convey the message to the member who made the complaint. An issue timely resolved can save a business time and money by avoiding member churn.

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