Why I chose to become a Yoga teacher

Why I chose to become a Yoga teacher

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N amaste friends, I am Shivangi Sharma, I am a professional Yoga teacher. My journey to become a Yoga teacher didn't start too long back. After finishing engineering in 2016, I took up a job. After 3 years of working, I realized I was not a good engineer and I wasn't made for this.

Common Problems
All of you are aware of the physical problems that an engineer faces. For me, it was no different. Gradually, trouble began to grow. I had been wearing glasses from school. With the kind of work I had to do, my eyes became watery and began to pain. The problem started making me irritable.

The pressure to work with deadlines gave me mental pressure. I did not get time for meals & my sleep cycle went hay-wire which made me very upset. And then one day I left the job in frustration. I was very happy that day.

Awareness of Yoga
For some 6 months of leaving the job, I did not give any interviews nor did I have a job. I was just paying attention to my health. In 2014 PM Modi started promoting Yoga. People were understanding that we have something that can keep us healthy. One day my mother said that if you have too much problem then you leave this field. And since you are free now then why not start Yoga at home only. I was very happy to hear this and started Yoga at home. I started watchin YouTube videos on how to start Yoga. I started collecting all this information. I had been practicing Yoga for two years now and have already learnt a lot.

In our country, health and diet is not given much importance. We are still much behind many countries in terms of conciousness towards health. That's when I decided that I want to make a career in this field. I found out about one year diploma course in Yoga in my city. I completed that course. And during that time my interest in Yoga only went up.

My Aim
Today, my goal is to teach Yoga in the right way. I want to go further in Yoga. Yoga is not an excercise. It is a scientific, spiritual and psychological technique that takes us in the right direction of health. I am currently finishing my master's degree in Yoga. I will always have this purpose, to bring the right yoga technique to the people.

About the author

Shivangi Sharma is a Certified Yoga teacher. She is a Yoga instructor and practitioner at Shivyoga, Ujjain. She is currently doing Masters in Yoga from School of Yoga, Indore. Contact No. : +91 9826616693 Email: shivangisharmayoga@gmail.com

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07 Nov 2019

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07 Nov 2019

Rajni Parmar parmarrajni4@gmail.com

My dear Shivangi, your journey from being an IT engineer to yoga teacher is really inspiring. your enthusiasm for yoga, was amazing. I know, You did hard work for achieve your goal. Your constant self - exploration brought you at this point. My dear friend, you are truly an inspirational & versatile personality and also a pure soul. We are friends since our college days. And I'm a witness of your remarkable journey. You always wanted to work independently and now you can do the same thing. Keep doing what you love, your first love " yoga"... Highly recommended........

20 Mar 2019

Jude k g judekgrulzz@gmail.com

Continue ur passion

19 Mar 2019

murali krishna muni.murali1989@gmail.com

I'm following you Facebook nd instagram last one year

19 Mar 2019

Murali Krishna muni.murali1989@gmail.com

How to start yoga's. Tell me full details of about yoga

19 Mar 2019

Deepankar Mandloi deepankarmandloi@gmail.com


19 Mar 2019

Priyanka sharma Kaushikpriya823@gmail.com

Hii Shivangi... I have a similar story like you. I am a doctor now and doing further studies in the same profession. I also developed interest in yoga almost 2 years back during my graduation days. Now it's my only passion. Good to hear from you dear that you are living your passion.May God bless you always in your life and you always progress and achieve success.

18 Mar 2019

Chinmaya Kishore chnmkshr@gmail.com

My humble wishes.....sky is the limit!

18 Mar 2019

Sue Sueluetue184@gmail.com

You really inspire me a lot. Lots of love and wishes your way😊

18 Mar 2019

Rahul rshinde773@gmail.com

Amazing journey towards yoga keep spreading awareness about fit lifestyle..

18 Mar 2019

Raju Kandi ramaraju.rr67@gmail.com

The way you do yoga is fabulous. Your dedication towards yoga is inspiring me a lot. Keep it up.

18 Mar 2019

Abhilasha gavshinde

I like your blog my friend .very nice thoughts for yoga. It is true that yoga change the hole life. All the best for your future life.

18 Mar 2019

Abhishek abhishekbhadoriya09@gmail.com

Wow girl, in very short time you achieved alot with your hard work . .you really motivate me to become fitter . .keep up the good work and keep doing yoga . . You have a bright future 😍😘

17 Mar 2019

Parul sharma parulsharma271994@gmail.com

Amazing that how she took all the courage to leave 9-5 job and do something which actually brings peace and happiness to the life. And the best part is not only to her life but to lives of many. Applaudable ... Plus she is a great yoga teacher , I recommend her as a teacher . All the best !

17 Mar 2019

Kunal nigam nigam.kunal489@gmail.com

Nice blog shivangi.. hats off for ur dedication.

17 Mar 2019

Prateek tare tareprateek9@gmail.com

Impressive journey of life ...shivangi Sharma 👍

17 Mar 2019

Ankur Malviya malviya.ankur1@gmail.com

Commendable job!! I salute to your decisive power of leaving the job and exploring your potential in a field which has now become your passion. People who are reading this, I highly recommend Shivangi as a yoga teacher coz she has helped me a lot inspite of long distance. I developed my yoga skills looking at her dedication. She is a true spirit and I wish luck for your future.

17 Mar 2019