Biometric Device

Gym Software with Biometric Integration

Ensure a safe workout area for your members by restricting unauthorized access in your fitness studio.

Are you tired of members not renewing their memberships and continuing to use your fitness studio services? Well, then installing a biometric device at your door is the solution. Enjoy peace of mind with a fully automactic biometric device that controls the door based on membership validity and also records the attendance.

  1. Fingerprint Reader

    A fingerprint biometric device stores the member's fingerprint on enrolment. It later authenticates a member based on their fingerprint.

  2. RFID Card Reader

    A RFID card reader biometric device stores the RFID card details of the member on enrolment. It later authenticates a member based on their RFID card.

Automatic door access control with a biometric device

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Matrix Biometric Device Integration with Okfit Gym Management System

Matrix Biometric Access Control

Matrix Biometric Access Control is fully integrated with Okfit. The device offers two methods of authentication, fingerprint and RFID card. When a member is enroled on the device, the validity of the member is automatically set based on their membership purchased. On expiration of the membership, the member will be denied access and thus the member will have to renew their membership to continue using your services. Add-on advantage is that it will ensure timely renewals and payments from your members to enjoy uninterrupted services.

  • Fully automatic
  • No manual entry required
  • No 3rd party software required
  • Displays members photo on screen

Access Control

The biometric device will allow access to only those members with valid memberships. This will stop unauthorized use of your fitness studio services.

Record Attendance

The biometric device also record the in / out time of the members which can later be access from your Okfit attendance table.

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time door access allowed or denied notifications on your dashboard with member name, photo and validity date.

eSSL Biometric Device

We are partially integrated with eSSL biometric device.

  • Manual entry required
  • Time-lag in attendance display
  • Supported models are eSSL X990

eSSL Biometric Device Integration with Okfit Gym Management System
Record Attendance

Staff and members can easily record their daily attendance by autheticating with their fingerprint at the eSSL device.

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