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Manage memberships, track sales, payment dues and record attendance

  1. Manage Memberships

    Assign and manage memberships with just a click. Stay up-to-date with the real-time report tables available for ongoing memberships, upcoming renewals and members lost.

  2. Track Sales & Dues

    Monitor your business progress with daily and monthly sales report and track monthly payment dues from the report table. Collect dues on time to keep your business on track.

  3. Mark Attendance

    Track member and staff attendance with QR codes or biometric device. Know members whose membership has expired or will expire in a week or payment is due.

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Manage Memberships

Assign and renew memberships with a click. Track the past purchases of each member with amount, workout plan, diet and trainer assigned. Keep yourself updated with your current month's members lost, memberships renewed and new members joined. Track session based memberships with session recording via attendance, class booking or QR code scanning.

Other features include

  • Know membership popularity
  • Track monthly New vs Renewals
  • Member mobile app to track memberships
  • Send renewal reminders via SMS, Email, Push notification or Whatsapp

Gym Membership Management Software
Active Members

Connect with all your active members from the Ongoing Memberships table. Know their workout plan, diet, Trainer and validity of their membership.

Upcoming Renewals

Never miss a renewal with the inbuilt report table to track date-wise renewals. Send renewal reminder to members via SMS, email, push notification or Whatsapp.

Members Lost

Stay up-to-date with details about members who didn't renew and have stopped using your services. Connect with them with better offers directly from the report table.

Sell Online

Create offer links from your account with the amount and link validity and share it on your social media to let existing and new clients make an online membership purchase.

Track Sales & Dues

Stay updated with your day-to-day and monthly sales and payment dues with easily accessible report tables. The report tables have in-built quick search option and the data from the table can be easily exported to Excel.

From the report tables you can also

  • Email the invoice
  • Email the payment receipt
  • Send payment reminders

Gym Sales & Payment Dues Tracking Software
Date Selector

All report tables have a date-range selector to facilitate easy vieweing of data between different time periods.

Quick Search

The table can be quickly filtered by any of the columns by using the in-built search box.

Data Export

Use the export option to immediately download the data in Excel format to your local machine.

Mark Attendance

Easily track member and staff in and out time by recording their attendance either via QR codes or biometric device. Based on the attendance, know your regular and at-risk members.

With our online payments features

  • Reduce friction time for membership renewal
  • Give your members multiple payments method options
  • Receive timely payments and keep your cash flow consistent

Gym Member Attendance Recording Software
Manual Attendance

Get a custom branding web-page which can be opened on an iPad or a tablet and the members can self check-in / check-out with their phone number.

QR Codes

Paste your unique QR codes at your gym door and let your self check-in / check-out by scanning the code from the member mobile app.

Biometric Device

Control door-access based on membership validity by installing our supported biometric device at your gym door.

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